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Enter the quiet heart book

Enter the Quiet Heart
Author: Sri Daya Mata

In this warm and compassionate book, a beloved spiritual teacher shows how each one of us can bring a rich new intimacy to our relationship with the Divine — by weaving awareness of God into the fabric of our daily lives. The author writes: “During my travels all over the world, so many people have asked me, ‘How can I find greater meaning in my life? Is there an answer to the emptiness, the unexpressed longing, I feel within my heart? Where is the love I am missing?’ This, in essence, is what I tell them.”

Blending the wisdom of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with her own direct experience garnered from more than 75 years of seeking and loving God, Sri Daya Mata reveals practical and deeply motivating insights on personalizing the spiritual life, showing how each one of us can create an inner quietude that opens our hearts to God.

When we call God from the quiet center of our hearts, she tells us, we discover the love we have been seeking. Finding God’s love, we come to love others more deeply, live life more fully, and experience a greater sense of serenity and joy. Compassionate and inviting, this book makes an ideal devotional companion to read, reflect on, and share with others.

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